Wisam Barbershop
صالون وسام
The third project was created for a barbershop which is located in Alzarqa city- The second largest city in Jordan- where any understanding of design and it's rule in our daily life is completely absent, the general situation of visual pollution is even worse than the city of Amman. So, one of the goals was to integrate good design and at the same time, to introduce design and it's culture in this city, which is the home town of Wajha co-founder Ali Almasri.
The shop front featured bilingual lettering of the barbershop name, which later on was finished as a complete typeface, in addition to the logo and some illustrations that shaped the identity of the barbershop. The identity was inspired from vintage Arabic actors who had a distinctive and unique mustache, on the other hand, the identity was a tribute for these actors, who played an important rule in shaping the Arabic culture. The identity was also applied on some posters which were hanged on the barbershop wall. 

The Shopfront
The old shop front.
The new shop front.
The Identity- Typography
A coustom bilingual typeface for the barbershop identity. 
The Identity- Illustrations
The visual identity was inspired from vintage Arabic actors who had a unique mustache. 
Tawfeeq Aldaqen- توفيق الدقن
Mahmoud Almeligi- محمود المليجي
Rafeeq Alsibaei- رفيق السبيعي
Stefan Rosti- استيفان روستي
Ryad Alqasabji- رياض القصبجي
Hasan Alaaddin- حسن علاء الدين
Naji Jaber- ناجي جبر
The Identity- Posters
Ali Almasri
Designer & Illustrator
Hussein Alazaat
Art Director 
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